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Chicken and Vegetables


Your Go-to Spot for Delicious Eats & Coffee, Drinks

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Weekend Brunch     I    Saturday 9am - 11pm


At Mon Chéri Brussels 

-Traditional Greek pies-

Plain pies showed up thousands of years ago in Carthage, before the ancient Greeks came & offered their "mytlotos" pumped up with wine, oil, honey and garlic. The Romans upgraded it with eggs & meat so around the middle ages. you could expect to find anything when biting into a pie while traveling the Balkans.

Mon cheri spinach pie.png


The Freshest Cup in Town 

In Mon Cheri Brussels, Belgium offers a variety of coffee drinks to suit everyone's tastes. From classic espresso and cappuccino to specialty lattes and flat whites, we have something for everyone. We also offer a selection of non-coffee drinks such as hot chocolate, tea, and chai latte. For something extra special, try one of our signature drinks like the Belgian Mocha or the Brussels Mocha Latte. Our baristas are always willing to customize a drink to your preference. Stop by and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or unique beverage today.

" can try all the tasty things at Mon Cheri Belgium..


Make Yourself at Home

Welcome to Mon Cheri  Indulge in a World of Flavor

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Lasagnette parma

ricotta e spinaci lasagnes au parmesan, au fromage et aux épinards /lasagna with parmaham, cheese and spinach

Parmigiana di melenzane

Parmigiana di melenzane

Parmigiana di melenzane aubergines à la parme eggplant parma style

Tortellini al ragu


tortellinis au ragout de viande /tortellinis with meat ragu

Tortellini al ragu

-find us open all week-


 Boulevard Anspach 75,

Brussels 1000 Belgium

Opening Hours

Monday -​Sunday: 9am - 11:30pm

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